FREE Patterns I Love

While I love writing my own patterns, I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to link to a few crochet patterns that I’ve recently (or not so recently) tried and loved.


First up, these reusable water balloons by leftinknots. These are a quick project and perfect for a summertime crochet project! It only took me 15 minutes to make one. They seem to be a popular item this summer!


Also by leftinknots, these Swiffer and Duster covers are super useful. She also has a scrubby sponge pattern that I love. They’re fairly quick to work up. They’re made with Bernat blanket yarn, but you can make several out of one skein.


This mermaid is one of my favorite patterns. It’s so cute! AND it’s easy. The pattern is well-written and it only takes a couple hours to make. I made one for my two-year-old niece and she LOVES it.


Who doesn’t love Star Wars? Well, me. But I still thought this Yoda cup cozy was adorable. (She also has a Princess Leia one!)


My mom is changing her kitchen theme to pigs, so I made this adorable little pig to sit in her kitchen window. Easy to follow pattern. Super cute.

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