Watermelon Slice Amigurumi

You will need: worsted weight yarn in red, green, white, black; G hook; yarn needle; poly-fil


(W/ green)

Ch 2

Row 1: 2sc n 2nd ch

Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc across [2]

Row 3: ch 1, turn, inc, inc [4]

Row 4: ch 1, turn, sc across [4]

Row 5: ch 1, turn, inc, 2 sc, inc [6]

Row 6: ch 1, turn, sc across [6]

Row 7: ch 1, turn, inc, 4 sc, inc [8]

Row 8: ch 1, turn, sc across [8]

Row 9: sc around the entire triangle (you will do 2-3 sc in corners, you want it to still be a flat triangle) [27]

[switch to white]

Row 10: 7 sc, dec, sc, dec, 7 sc, dec, 6 sc [24]

[switch to red]

Row 11: sc around [24]

Row 12: [2 sc, dec] around [18]

Row 13: (sc, dec, 2 sc, dec) x2, sc, dec [13]

Row 14: sc around [13]

Row 15: (2 sc, dec, sc, dec) x2 {Your last dec will be between the end of the row and the beginning of the next row} [9]

Row 16: sc around [9]

[stuff your watermelon slice]

Row 17: (sc, dec) x3 [6]

Row 18: dec, dec, dec

Tie off, weave in ends and embroider seeds on with black yarn.


Cupcake Amigurumi

You will need: worsted weight yarn in brown and pink; G hook; poly-fil; yarn needle; stitch marker


Note: Pattern is worked in continuous rounds, so you will want to keep track of your rows with the stitch marker.



Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring

Rnd 2: inc around [12]

Rnd 3: (sc, inc) around [18]

Rnd 4: BLO sc around [18]

Rnd 5-7: sc around [18]

Tie off.



Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring

Rnd 2: inc around [12]

Rnd 3: sc around [12]

Rnd 4: (sc, inc) around [18]

Rnd 5: sc around [18]

Rnd 6: BLO sc around [18]

Rnd 7: (working in front loops of row 5&6 together) (3hdc in one st, sc) around

Tie off, leaving long tail for sewing.

Stuff your cupcake and sew together.


School Spirit Hat

I made these for my little niece and nephew, who are 2&3 years old, so that is the size for both of them. Football season is starting, so I thought they should have their own cute little hats to wear to their brothers’ football games. Navy blue and white are their school colors, but obviously, these colors could be changed to whatever color you want.

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